Entry-level web analytics

The analytics tool that makes curiosity comfortable

Simple, privacy-friendly, affordable.

“Shockingly intuitive, zero bloat, the perfect tool for starters and small teams.”

Important questions, answered with care

Lyticus displays what matters quickly and boldly so your team doesn't need to dig through dozens of pages to find the information it needs.


"How many new visitors do we have?"
"Which pages do our customers visit?"
"Are they clicking that new fancy button?"
Includes: new visitors, total page views, unique page views and events.


"Where is our traffic coming from?
"Which sites are sending us the most users?"


"What is the perecentage of mobile users?"
"Do most of our visitors speak english?"
"Which browsers do they use?"
Includes: screen widths, languages, browsers, operating systems.
“To the point and immediately useful.”

Developer experience

The Lyticus tracker gives you back control, you decide what to track and when to track it.


Choose what to track and when to track it.


Your favorite SPA framework is a first-class citizen, not an afterthought.
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Get to know your customers

Lyticus is designed for people with little to no analytics experience: a minimal yet colourful user interface presenting a curated selection of the most important metrics.
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